Sweet Pro Cattle Tubs for Increased Winter Feeding Needs

Winter is quickly approaching, which means it's time to start thinking about your cattle's increased winter feeding needs. Have you considered Sweet Pro's cattle tubs? Our 250-lb tubs are all natural and non-molasses. Our patented process utilizes fermentation of yeast, barley malt, wheat, flax and corn providing protein, vitamins and minerals while creating live digestive enzymes that are normally cooked off in traditional feed products. Therefore, your animal utilizes its forage more efficiently providing you with longer-lasting pasture grass/hay or more rapid weight gain.
If you would like to learn more about these high quality, cost effective products, please call us at 303-905-3926!

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Agape Supports Colorado Horse Rescues

Agape Naturals is pleased to support the following horse rescues with donations received from our October 2015 Agape Retreat at Colorado Cattle Company. Donations were given to rescues that provide exceptional care of their animals, use Agape all-natural products and support their local communities through programs and activities.
We had a fabulous time with friends and family riding the trails and participating in working cattle activities. We will be doing this again next year so please watch for information in our newsletters or on our website.
Please check these Colorado organizations out and consider contributing to their cause!


Veterinarian Diane Wagner on EquiPride for Horses

"EquiPride is a common recommendation of mine to help horses improve hoof quality, hair coat quality and energy levels. I love EquiPride to cover these bases because it's not only a great fat source with the flax base, but the probiotics, enzymes and yeast allow them to assimilate the minerals in the feed they're already getting." -Dr. Diane Wagner, VMD
Hear more in this video about why Dr. Wagner recommends EquiPride to the performance, rodeo, backyard pleasure and racehorses at Elemental Equine Services!

And read a summary of her video here!


Horse Health Matters at Colorado Cattle Company

The Colorado Cattle Company knows horses and how to feed them. They feed EquiLix tubs to provide their working horses with the essentials listed here. Find out how to select the best natural and organic supplements for your animals by calling us at 303-905-3926.


EquiPride Helps Wilson Buckskins' Broodmares

Hear from Christy Wilson how EquiPride is her go-to, all-in-one supplement for the broodmares at Wilson Bucksins, helping to improve their hair coat, joints, muscle tone and more!


Milk Cow Emily Thrives on SweetPro Supplement

Day 1
I live in Alaska and own a beloved family milk cow named Emily. I bought her two years ago and added EquiPride (we don't have access to the cattle versions of your supplement) 1 year ago. I must say that it is THE BEST supplement I have ever used. Ever. She is so sleek and shiny, her rumen is so well developed now because of the probiotics and she just looks like a thriving, happy cow.

I've shared with so many people about your product, but never have to say much to get them listening being they either see her in person or see photos and want to know what I feed her.
2 years later

Thank you for making such a high quality supplement, I really am thrilled with your product and sure hope we can keep buying it when we move to Texas in October--otherwise I'll have to stockpile some from here for the trip!

Here are before and after photos for you to see. All I do is brush her, no fancy hair conditioning products!

Jayme Cupples

Shine close-up


Colorado Cattle Company Feeds EquiLix to their Horses

The Colorado Cattle Company and Guest Ranch has reduced hay cost and seen improved body condition in their horses with EquiLix. Hear their testimonial and see beautiful shots of their ranch in this video!


Harmony Equine Center Rescue Horses on EquiLix

A visit to the open house of Harmony Equine Center in Franktown, Colorado, where each turnout area offers an EquiLix tub for the rescue horses.


How Enos Yoder's Draft Horses Benefit from EquiPride

Enos Yoder of Hidden "Y" Ranch shares how EquiPride has helped his horses be more stable, encouraged hoof growth and more. Watch the video below to hear all about it (and see some beautiful Percheron draft horses in action)!


4-H SweetPro/EquiPride Sponsorship: Mikayla Fenley

We at Agape Naturals are strong supporters of 4-H! We're in our second year of sponsoring several Adams County 4-Hers with SweetPro feed supplements. Read Mikayla Fenley's updates here on using EquiPride! 


September 1, 2015: Well, fair is over! It was an interesting one to be sure. For her first fair, Dolly did fantastic. We didn't place in speed but she ran her fastest time yet. We did place in the individual cow work class at fair. For a horse that was afraid of cattle, I'm really proud of her. 

I've had a blast with her this year. She has come so far. She has become way more trusting, in fact, she is starting to listen to my body more. She has gotten to be very sweet and pretty. 

I definitely saw a huge change in her appearance and attitude from when I first purchased her. She is beautiful now. Her coat is so shiny and soft. My farriers have noticed distinct changes in her hooves. I am so thankful that Agape sponsored me this year. EquiPride is a great feed. Thank you so much!

August 1, 2015: I'm really excited for fair! Dolly has been fantastic! She is really making leaps and bounds with the working ranch horse division. We were able to place at her first Gymkhana which was great. I was so impressed how she handled herself, she stayed calm the entire day. She really looks great, she is so shiny and soft. My farriers were very impressed by how her feet are coming along. One issue I have been having is with her getting sunburned. She is thin skinned and has a white nose which has turned out to be a bad combination. We've had to invest in a full faced fly mask and sunscreen to keep her nose protected.

I am so thankful that Agape chose me to sponsor this year. Thank you for giving me this wonderful experience.

July 3, 2015:
June has been a crazy month! I have been gone for most of it due to other 4-H competitions. Dolly is great! She has come so far. I took her to a ranch horse lesson two weeks ago, and she did great. Our first lesson she was pretty nervous about the cows. She wouldn't go up to the fence much less track one. Though she was still nervous about walking into a herd she could walk by the fence and track an individual cow.

She looks great! She is so shiny and healthy. My poor mare's feet were obviously not taken care of very well before we got her. My farrier thinks she probably had laminitis at one point. She just had her third trim at our house, and there is a very definite line on her hoof from when we first got her. The new hoof is coming in nicely, and my farrier has remarked about the changes she is starting to see.

One issue I have had this year is fly control. No brand of fly spray seems to work! With the appearance of VS in Colorado again, I decided to be super cautious and fly sheet my horses. So Dolly gets spoiled with being blanketed and sprayed multiple times throughout the day.

I recently had a neat experience with the EquiPride distributors form Iowa. I work for a horse chiropractor and acupuncturist. A few weeks ago the distributors came to interview her and get footage of her work. She told them about my sponsorship within 4-H, and they interviewed me as well!

I am looking forward to the upcoming month. I should have a less crazy schedule and be able to spend more time in the saddle. The gymkhana show is July 12, and I can't wait to see how she does. Thank you again for sponsoring me.

June 2, 2015:
Due to the weather I haven't had much ride time with my mare. She is fully shed out and looks fantastic. I am very impressed that despite the obnoxious amount of moisture, her feet are remaining hard and healthy! I am really excited to see what June brings us--there are many more clinics to attend and a gymkhana approaching in July. Thank you so much for sponsoring me this year. 

May 1, 2015:
I have had a lot of fun preparing Dolly for the upcoming show season. We were supposed to have had a show on April 19, but it got canceled, which was a bummer. I haven't had as much riding time as I'd hoped to due to a crazy school schedule, but I am looking forward to being done with classes this week and getting to ride more! Despite this, the times we have ridden are great. I recently took her to another barrel clinic, and she did fantastic. We have a ranch horse show coming up in May so I will be working hard on my roping and ranch horse skills in the upcoming month. I have definitely been noticing changes in Dolly on the SweetPro supplement. She is almost fully shed out and is looking gorgeous! Her new coat is very soft and shiny. Her hooves are looking healthier, too! At the clinic, our clinician noticed how good Dolly looked. She said she was very healthy looking, well-muscled, and had a lot of stamina. Thank you again very much for sponsoring me and my horse this 4-H year.

Gymkhana clinic at the Adams County Fairgrounds on March 3
April 1, 2015:
I am super excited for the upcoming year because, in January I purchased a new horse named Dolly. I plan to use her for Gymkhana events and maybe play around with the Working Ranch Horse division too. Our first Gymkhana will be April 19. We just had a barrel clinic on March 30, and she did fantastic! I started her on EquiPride the day I received it. She is now up to the full dose and seems to be doing well. When I bought Dolly, her coat was coarse and dull, she was lacking muscle, and she had bite marks on her back. She is now shedding like crazy, and her new coat already is softer, the bite marks are barely noticeable and with consistent exercise she is filling out. A friend even noticed how soft her mane is. I am extremely grateful to Agape for sponsoring me this year and providing me with this supplement. Thank you so much!


4-H SweetPro Sponsorship: Caiden Healey-Mitchell

We're big supporters of 4-H (and were 4-Hers ourselves!). Agape Naturals is in our second year of sponsoring several Adams County 4-Hers with SweetPro feed supplements. Read Caiden's updates on feeding SweetPro.


August 12, 2015:
This Adams County Fair was one that I will never forget. My sheep and I did very well this year. My day started great when I won Grand Champion Junior Showman. Then, in the market show I showed 3 wethers. Dean got a 2nd place in the heavy weight cross class, and Sam got a 1st place in the light weight hampshire class. Castiel also got 1st place in the heavy weight hampshire class. In the hampshire champion drive Castiel was selected as the champion hampshire. After a short break we went back to the show ring for the overall champion drive and were picked as the reserve grand champion market lamb. I would like to thank Agape for sponsoring me with SweetPro this year to give my feeding program the winning edge. I am so excited to head to state fair in a couple of weeks to see how my sheep compete.

July 1, 2015:
June was a very busy month for me and my livestock. We got a lot of much needed practice away from home by going to jackpot shows and a show lamb camp. Our first stop was at the Freedom 4H Jackpot. There I won Grand Champion in goat showmanship, and I was Reserve Champion in sheep showmanship. It was a fun show at Adams County Fairgrounds and it got me excited for the county fair next month. Next, we went to the Jim Jones Benefit Jackpot in Keenesburg. I placed third in sheep showmanship, which was a nice surprise since this was a much bigger and more competitive show. Our last stop in June was Massey's Show Lamb Camp in Brush, CO. I took my two wethers Castiel and Dean. In the two days there I learned so much! We spent many hours in the ring practicing with our sheep and the instructors. We also learned about fitting, exercise and feeding. I can definitely say that June was a month filled with learning. I am very excited to use the things I have learned both inside the show ring and out. My sheep are looking great and coming along nicely. We all will be ready for fair!

June 2, 2015:
Getting to know my lambs over the past month has been a lot of fun. They each have their own personality and attitude. It also has been amazing to watch how quickly they grow. I have been working with my animals about 4 times per week exercising and practicing. They are currently eating 3 pounds of grain per day with one ounce of Fresh Start and a handful of alfalfa each. At first they let the Fresh Start fall to the bottom of the feeder, and they weren't eating it. Now they are cleaning it up and seem to like it. I am really excited to go to my first jackpot of the season this weekend. It will be interesting to see how much weight they have all gained since tag in. Here is a picture of me working with my lamb that I plan to use in showmanship--his name is Castiel.

May 2, 2015:
My project is going pretty good so far. I just got four new lambs. They are all weathers but I still have Abby my yearling ewe also. And now I have a goat, too. I have not started halter breaking my sheep and goat yet. But tomorrow we are going to start. It was fun hearing from my breeder--he helped me picked some really nice lambs. I'm having challenges getting my new lambs to get to know me but tomorrow is a new day! Tomorrow we all are going to tag in for fair. I am excited to see what my animals' starting weights will be.

April 4, 2015:
Sadly, my first lambing season did not go as planned. My ewe Brianna died trying to deliver her twins on March 23, 2015. I am very sad because I raised Brianna since she was weaned from her mother. I will really miss her. My other ewe Abigail did not breed either. Since I did not have any lambs at home, I will be buying lambs again this year. I plan to visit a lamb and goat sale next weekend. I am also planning to visit Overman Club Lambs in Eaton, Colorado, to look at lambs. I would like to get two black face lambs and maybe a speckle face or a dorset. I would really love to find another natural-colored ewe just like Brianna. Here is a picture of her the day before she passed away.


Harness the Power of EquiPride

Learn about how EquiPride helps Enos Yoder keep his team of Percheron horses healthy and ready to perform:


We Are What We Eat

In a recent study, researchers discovered that forages grazed by livestock is less nutrient dense now than during World War II. But we can increase the nutrient density of the meat we produce by providing our animals with all-natural feed like Redmond Natural Livestock Mineral Conditioner with valuable trace minerals. Read more about the study here: We Are What We Eat.


The Benefits of Oats as Horse Feed

Agape Naturals now offers organic oats for horses! Check out this great resource from The Horse's Hoof by Yvonne Welz on the many benefits of feeding your horse oats: Whole Oats as a Horse Feed Revisited. She writes that "whole oats provide a high quality source of protein" are non-GMO and can help with manure management. Learn more in the article, then call Lisa at 303-905-3926 or email for more information on Agape Naturals' organic oats for horses!


Do EquiPirde and EquiLix contain sugar and starch?

SweetPro's Brad Thornberg answers: The NSC (sugar) of both EquiPride and EquiLix is going to be about 2.8%. Regarding this number, it's important to note the starch figure (2.8% as is) would be "bound/resistant starch" which is comparable to dietary fiber, having come through our fermentation. In our manufacture, the yeast eat all the sugar and starch they can (basically pre-digesting EP) and then run out of steam when there is nothing left (they actually go anaerobic and create alcohol at the end).

The "non-molasses, non-grain starch" mantra we preach is important, and we want people to differentiate between bound starch and readily fermentable starch. (EquiLix is held together with Distillers Solubles, pressure and mineral.)

Also, an area where we get no credit on net energy is for the alcohol and volatile fatty acids in the feed. They are included in the moisture number (28 to 30%).  Alcohol and VFAs are very valuable dense energy but the feed analysis industry does not have a way to provide credit for them since they are driven off in the autoclave dry matter determination--so they are lost. EquiPride/EquiLix typically has between 3 and 4% alcohol and 2% organic acids as lactic, acetic and succinic. It's comparable to adding 5% more fat, but it's an esoteric issue for most, and we are resigned to just letting the customer get those benefits without us getting credit for it.


Diatomaceous Earth

One of the ingredients I love in the SweetPro products is Diatomaceous Earth (DE). This ingredient is particularly helpful and important as we approach the fly season.

In recent years, DE has come to the forefront in benefiting both animals and humans alike. Many customers use DE as an all-natural method of internal parasite reduction and/or elimination.

DE is a fine white powdery substance that can be fed alone, or in the case of the SweetPro products, can be added directly to our products. The EquiLix horse tubs and the Diatomate cattle and goat tubs come standard with DE.

Here is what Holistic Horse says about DE:
"The tiny Diatom shells are not a food. They do not digest (except some of the trace minerals), they pass all the way through the body. Everything it does is either physical action or electrical action. The Diatom shell is a little cylinder full of holes. It resembles Rice Chex cereal. The cylinders have a powerful negative charge and the holes are the right size to absorb positively charged viruses and bacteria, hold them, and take them out of the body. Each shell can hold and neutralize many positive particles. Mixed with feed or eaten free choice the cylinders, by the millions, pass through the stomach and intestines and destroy parasites with absolutely no side effect to the animal. This is a physical action, not a chemical action. Flies are a major problem where large groups of animals or birds are confined, especially close to populated areas. Companies and individuals spend a lot of time and money trying to solve this problem usually with little success. Along with the flies there is always odor and that can be as big a problem as the flies themselves. The solution is an all natural product with no harmful side effects it’s not a drug, not a chemical and you feed it to your animals! As a result of proper feeding fly larvae cannot hatch in the manure."

Feeding DE alone has some drawbacks, however. It is incredibly dusty and may lead to breathing problems. This drawback is resolved when the DE is added to the SweetPro products. You receive all the benefits of DE without the downside of the dust.

--Lisa Rasmussen


4-H SweetPro Sponsorship: Ethan Winden

We at Agape Distributors, LLC, are strong supporters of 4-H. In fact, we were 4-Hers ourselves! In February 2014 we selected several Adams County 4-Hers to receive SweetPro feed supplements and report back on their results with it! Read their updates here.


August 2014
August 13, 2014
Fair is finally over 'til next year. I came in 4th place and sold my market beef at the sale for $4,600. I am very happy with the outcome, and I want to thank you again for the opportunity to use Agape feed supplement.

July 2014
July 29, 2014: 
Finally, fair time! The month of July has been very busy for me and my market steer Si. I think we are ready for fair. I feel using the feed supplement has benefited my steer a lot with his overall appearance and weight gain. I would have liked him to finish better, but I feel it's his breed. I guess we will see on judging day how well he does. I want to thank you again for the opportunity to have the feed supplement.

June 2014
June 29, 2014:  
I cannot believe June is almost over. Summer heat is here. I have had a lot of time to work with my steer this month. I have increased his grain to 2 5-gallon buckets in the morning and the evening. He gets 2 scoops of supplement per 5-gallon bucket. I feel his overall appearance is looking good. He is muscling in front and back. We have 1 more month to go. One thing I dislike about my project is all the time and effort I put into my steer (he is like my best friend), and then I have to sell him. 

May 29, 2014:
May 2014
I am so glad summer break is here. Now that summer is here, I have had more time to exercise my steer. I have increased his grain to a 5-gallon bucket with 2 scoops of SweetPro in the morning and evening. I feel with SweetPro that my steer's weight gain and overall appearance have improved. I still have a lot of work ahead of me before Fair.

April 30, 2014:
The weather is getting warmer, so I will be able to get my steer's winter coat brushed off. I feel that the supplement has helped with his appearance. We are going on the 2nd month with the supplement, so we probably will see a big difference by the end of May.

April 2014
April 14, 2014:
I feed my steer twice a day with the SweetPro supplement, he loves his grain. I haven't noticed a difference yet because he is still shedding his winter coat. As the days are starting to get warmer and daylight longer, I will have more time to work with my steer. 


4-H SweetPro Sponsorship: Megan Durland

We at Agape Distributors, LLC, are strong supporters of 4-H. In fact, we were 4-Hers ourselves! In February 2014 we selected several Adams County 4-Hers to receive SweetPro feed supplements and report back on their results with it! Read their updates here.


August 2014
August 8, 2014:
Fair was amazing! I got grand champion Western, grand champion English, grand champion ranch horse, first in showmanship and first in goat tying! I had such a fun time with Danson! Agape has worked so well for my horse! One challenge I had at fair was Danson getting really dirty in the morning so I had to spot clean him, but other that that fair went really smoothly, and I had a great time!

August 2014
August 2, 2014:
Fair for Danson and me has been going great! I got all firsts on Western day with him. He was so good for me at fair, and I am so proud of what we have accomplished. In our showmanship class we also got a first. Agape supplements have been great the entire season!

July 26, 2014
July 26, 2014:
The first day we show horses at fair starts tomorrow! I'm really excited! We show ranch horse and showmanship tomorrow. I will also be showing Western, English, and speed. We have to wash the horses and ride today. Danson has been doing great on SweetPro!

June 30, 2014
June 30, 2014:
Danson is doing very well! There was a show yesterday that didn't go too well in all the classes, but I won Western pleasure and English equitation. I am leaving for vacation in Nebraska, and I will miss the horses a lot! Since we have extra SweetPro feed, we have started my dad's horse, Nickel, on it. He loves eating it. The horses are in great health, and we are very lucky.

June 23, 2014
June 23, 2014:
This month I have been working very hard with Danson. We have gone a step up from 4-H shows and have gone to an APHA/AQHA/open show in Moab, Utah, and an APHA/AQHA show in Loveland. At the Moab show I got three circuit awards. Danson and I have a horse show on June 29, next weekend. I showed our other horse Nickel at a ranch horse show yesterday and got high point in novice and a buckle! Danson is doing well on the SweetPro he has eaten. He tries to sift through it because he doesn't like the taste. But he has been eating some, and his hooves and coat look amazing!

June 12, 2014:
My project has been a huge success so far! I have done not only 4-H shows but APHA and open shows with my paint gelding, Danson. I am looking forward to fair! Danson's coat looks amazing and has shed out very nicely! He is healthy and his hooves have little to no cracks in them. I have done some trail rides with him, and he has done great! I mainly show Dan in showmanship, halter, Western pleasure, trail, and horsemanship. I also do hunter under saddle and hunt seat equitation. Our most recent success is 3 circuit awards at a horse show in Moab, Utah. Danson is the best horse ever!

May 2014
May 27, 2014:
Some fun things I have done with my horse so far was go on some trail rides. I enjoy them and so does Danson. We have been showing a lot lately, and some classes I have done really well in are Western pleasure, trail, showmanship, and English pleasure. Danson (Dan) was very energetic and antsy yesterday because we hadn't ridden him for a week. He had gotten new shoes so we gave him a break. I rode bareback today, and he did really well. We went over some poles to practice trail. Dan has really slicked off nicely and looks great!

April 2014
April 10, 2014:
This week Danson and I are prepping for our first show of the season. I plan on doing western pleasure, trail, showmanship, and horsemanship with him. We have been practicing every day all week. The arenas at the fairgrounds just got new sand, and Danson for some reason does not like to back in the deep sand. So I hope he does well at the show. But he has been doing great with patterns. His hooves and coat look really well since he has been on SweetPro!

4-H SweetPro Sponsorship: Aleya Park

We at Agape Distributors, LLC, are strong supporters of 4-H. In fact, we were 4-Hers ourselves! In February 2014 we selected several Adams County 4-Hers to receive SweetPro feed supplements and report back on their results with it! Read their updates here.


September 3, 2014
This was definitely an interesting project to be a part of. It was hard to feed the supplement to only one of our goats, because we as we pulled Molly out to feed, the rest of the herd knew she was getting something good and they were not. They didn't think that was fair but Molly loved it. I did not do the goat project at fair because it was a conflict with my other projects. Because I did not have market animals I did not win any money at the fair, but overall I did learn more about my animals than I had in the past and even came home with some new animals. I'm looking forward to next year.

August 2014
August 8, 2014:
Summer seems to be flying by. We spent 10 days at fair with all of our different animals. Molly came for the gymkhana events of goat tying, but we did not show goats after that. We are now trying to breed Molly again and are hopeful for late or early February babies. We are nearly getting attacked when we go to feed now--Molly definitely knows when her grain and supplements are coming. 

July 2014
July 7, 2014:
This month my goat, Molly, is still looking great. I went on vacation in June with my grandparents and brother. While I was away, my mom and dad took care of my animals. When I came back home to Colorado my goat walked right up to me and wanted to be pet. I enjoyed being away on vacation, and I also appreciated having my parents take care of my goat. Thanks for the supplements!

June 2014
June 3, 2014:
This month has been mixed. The goats are loving their new barn and run. But with all the extra exercise Molly seems to have dropped some weight. So we are going to up our Agape supplements to try to help her gain some of her weight back. We are having a hard time keeping the other goats away from it--we literally have to remove Molly from the goat pen and feed her separately. We had to stop milking Molly when my great-grandma died, as we were out of town for a week with no one to milk her. I am bummed about that.

April 2014
April 8, 2014:
My goat, Molly, has been doing much better with her weight, spine and her coat. Her babies also had a few bites, and they filled out and grew a lot faster than I thought. It was sad to see them go, but this isn't about them. Molly has been doing great: we had a few problems before with her weight right after she gave birth but I don't think it was the supplements. I personally think it was the kids and them jumping on her back. That's why her spine was rough (meaning that you could feel it and there wasn't enough muscle there) there most of the time. After we bumped up the supplements and got rid of the kids she is doing fine now. We just started milking her a week ago, and her milk seems rich, and she is giving a good amount of milk. Thanks for giving me this opportunity. My goat has definitely improved since before we started.

4-H SweetPro Sponsorship: Jessica Jacobucci

We at Agape Distributors, LLC, are strong supporters of 4-H. In fact, we were 4-Hers ourselves! In February 2014 we selected several Adams County 4-Hers to receive SweetPro feed supplements and report back on their results with it! Read their updates here.


August 2014
August 7, 2014:
Well, fair is over, and it has been a wonderful experience raising my market lamb this year. I learned a lot about raising and feeding my market lamb. I learned that proper nutrition and good exercise contribute to a finished lamb. I would like to thank Lisa for the opportunity to try Agape on my lamb, I think it really helped him grow and perform well. He grew from 58 lbs to 123 lbs at fair time. I plan to continue with my market lamb project next year and will buy a couple of more lambs in the spring.

June 2014
June 30, 2014:
June has been a very crazy month. Lots of fun things happening with my sheep. During June I got to participate in a jackpot show. Manny did OK at the show, but it showed me that I really need to work with him more on showmanship.  Then I got to take Manny to the JB Massey Lamb Camp. It was lots of fun, and we spent lots of time learning about showing a sheep and fitting them. I am really enjoying working with my lamb this year.

May 31, 2014
May 31, 2014:
I have been spending lots of time working with my lambs. I get up early every morning and run them for about 20 minutes. I then take them for a walk every afternoon. I also spend time teaching them how to walk and brace. They are growing so big. I am feeding the SweetPro to Manny and not to Ellie. I can't wait to see the results. Raising a market lamb is hard work, besides just exercising them, I also have chores to do. I need to make sure that their pens are clean. Shoveling out the stall is probably my least favorite part of the project, but it has to be done.

May 20, 2014
May 20, 2014:
I have just started halter breaking my lamb, Manny. It is a lot of hard work. He can be very hard to catch in his pen. I have figured out that he walks better when I walk him by his head rather than by a halter. I just split the stall that Manny and my ewe, Ellie, share so that they don't have to share food. I am giving the SweetPro to Manny and not to Ellie. Everything else I am doing the same for them. I will be curious to see the differences between them at the end of the summer. Plus, I have just started exercising them, too. It's a lot of hard work, but not as hard as training him to brace. Even so, I am up to the challenge of my market lamb, Manny.