Sheep: Great Success & Savings with SweetPro Feed Supplements

Deborah M. Terry, in Franktown, Colorado has had great success and savings using SweetPro's Sheep Licks

"Starting in 2013 when the price of hay went out of site, MTH Farm decided to test SweetPro’s Sheep Licks to the limit.  Instead of purchasing poor hay (for a high price) we purchased 4x4x8 bales of corn stalks (which were $80.00 dollars a bale) and feed our expecting ewes 95% corn stalks and SweetPro Sheep Licks, the other 5% was Alfalfa hay (average quality).

The end results were amazing - The ewes maintained their weight and condition and each ewe in the first group to Lamb produced either twins or triplets weighing between 5.5 and 8.5 pounds at birth.  The overall cost savings were more than we ever expected.  If SweetPro Sheep licks can do this for MTH Farm just think what it could do for your flock.

Just another reason MTH Farm is proud to be a dealer of such great products."

Deborah M. Terry
DMT Enterprises, Inc.
1382 Flintwood Road
Franktown, CO 80116
303-688-3266 Office/Farm
303-618-0768 Cell


Horse: Waelti Horse Farm Success Story

Marcy and Dale Waelti of Waelti Horse Farm in Brooklyn, WI has had great success using SweetPro’s EquiPride and EquiLix! 

“We, at Waelti Horse Farm, have found EquiPride to be a great supplement for our horses and ponies.  We began feeding it when our Arabian and one of our Haflingers started having some trouble with digestive upsets. They have been quite healthy since then. The Haflinger had always had hard stools and strained to pass stool. Now she can go fairly easily and the stool is much softer. Aside from having a softer stool our Arabian has a new sense of calm about him. He has always been high spirited but easily tipped over to unconfident and wanted to leave. We now notice that he remains calm much longer. Recently we have noticed that they are eating less yet maintaining their good weight. In the spring we plan to put the rest of the herd on EquiPride or EquiLix”

Marcy and Dale Waelti
Waelti Horse Farm
W1065 State Rd 92 , Brooklyn, WI  53521

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Horse: Success Story Using SweetPro's EquiPride with her Stallions!

Elaine Morgan in Bennett, Colorado, has had great success using SweetPro’s EquiPride with her stallions!

“Since starting SweetPro’s EquiPride and EquiLix our stallions' sperm counts have stayed more consistent during heavy breeding seasons. They have great hair coats that shed out well. And they maintain great weight on less hay than before. Mare conception on first breeding is up even on old mares. I want to thank you for such a great product!”

Elaine Morgan
Starlight Farms 
455 A CR 137, Bennett,CO 80102
(303) 870-7201

Pictured Above: King Bijou  

Pictured Above: Two l'd Boonerang

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Horse: (Mare/Foal) Success using SweetPro's EquiPride!

Elaine Morgan in Bennett, Colorado, has had great success using SweetPro’s EquiPride with her broodmares and foals!

“Just a line to let you know how well the tubs are working for our broodmares. Since we have been using the tubs our mares are looking better, conception rates for first cover have improved from 70% to 90% (that includes mares brought in by clients), mares are utilizing feed better and cutting down on hay costs, and our foals are weaning at a better size and weight.
I have had a couple of older broodmares that had a hard time with healing up post foaling and some foals with minor leg issues. Since feeding the tubs and adding SweetPro’s EquiPride to their grain all issues have righted themselves. Thanks for a great product! ”

Elaine Morgan
Starlight Farms, Bennett,CO
(303) 870-7201

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Horse: Great Success using SweetPro's EquiPride and EquiLix

Elaine Morgan in Bennett, Colorado, has had great success using SweetPro’s EquiPride and EquiLix with her trail horse!

“I'm so glad that we found EquiPride and EquiLix a few years ago! My mare is 24 years old and has flourished with your lick tubs and feed supplement. Before we started using EquiPride she did not have a slick hair coat. Now she shines even in winter. She holds weight well, and most people don't believe she's 24 years old. She still trail rides and works cattle. An added benefit is that EquiPride helps her utilize her feed better because she has trouble eating hay with her aged teeth. Thank you for your products!”

Elaine Morgan
Starlight Farms, Bennett,CO
(303) 870-7201

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Horse: Great Success Using SweetPro’s EquiPride and EquiLix

Darcy Carr of New Raymer’s Colorado Cattle Company has had great success using SweetPro’s EquiPride and EquiLix with the ranch’s horses!

"We have a real, working-cattle ranch with the amenities of a fine resort ( Guests do the branding and vaccination of calves; they also sort, gather and drive cattle to pastures and water and learn team penning, roping, and advanced riding skills. We have a full liquor license and excellent food in this adult-only retreat. In addition to our indoor pool and sauna, our cabins are cozy and private.
Cattle work is a priority and whatever time is left in the day is focused on cowboy school. School time is whatever the guests desire to learn—be it roping, team penning, learning to read and sort cattle, moving cattle, and even playing games in our indoor or outdoor arena.

We came to know of EquiLix through our veterinarian, Dr. Paul Fornstrom, of Pine Bluffs, Wyoming. As hay varies in quality, I wanted to make sure our horses were getting a well-rounded diet. If the hay isn’t the best quality, the supplements would balance out their diet. If hay is good, they don’t need as much. We equate it to giving your child a multi-vitamin each day. It just helps boost their overall nutrition.

The tubs work great for us because we have 82 horses. Feeding them individually each day is not always possible. Our guests compliment us on the condition of our horses all the time. I think the product speaks for itself— the quality of the product is reflected in the condition of our horses. We have horses ranging in age from three to upper 20s. They ALL look and feel good. When our horses develop arthritis or are just getting up there in age, they are retired and live out their lives here on the ranch. They are not traded or sold because they are no longer able to “work.” They’ve earned their retirement and deserve to live their lives out on the ranch where I know they will be treated properly through all their days."

Darcy Carr
Colorado Cattle Company and Guest Ranch
70008 County Road 132
New Raymer, CO 80742


Horse: Success Story SweetPro's EquiPride and EquiLix

Monika Courtney of Evergreen, CO, has had great success using SweetPro’s EquiPride and EquiLix with her horses! 

  “We got our first horse, Moon, nine years ago. She had stifle problems and an injured knee, which led to arthritis. She was only four at that time. My daughter was in 4-H where we found EquiPride. I attended a seminar to find out more, and what I learned made me a believer. We put Moon on the product, and she improved. Her stiffness went away, and she seemed more comfortable.
We now have four horses, and all of them have been on EquiPride for years. They've never had health issues, no colics, their coats are beautiful, and their feet in great shape. I rescued a little filly who had a bad start in life, and she blossomed under EquiPride. She craved the product so much after coming to us that it told me she had serious deficiencies in nutrition.
I now also foster two Mustang orphans. They love EquiPride. I have an EquiLix in their paddock, to which they took immediately. I also give the bag product once a day. Their disposition has greatly improved, along with their look, coats, and all-over appearance. I recommend this product to everyone. It is the only one you'll need--it has all the benefits a horse needs for whatever situation. Eight years of EquiPride convinced me! Thank you, SweetPro, for making it!”

Monika Courtney


Horse: Meet Diamond! EquiPride/EquiDisk Success Story

Meet Diamond! 
Diamond is a 12 year old POA (Pony of America) owned by 10 year old Courtney, located in Littleton, CO. Diamond has had great success using SweetPro’s EquiPride and EquiDisk!

In 2011, Diamond was treated at the vet hospital for colic. Fortunately, she was ok, but we had a nice big vet bill! At that time, our family was introduced to the EquiPride products to help supplement her diet. Diamond was constantly licking the salt block so we knew she needed more minerals. Since that time, she has a scoop of EquiPride each day and has never experienced a problem with colic again and prefers the EquiPride product over the salt block.
     In late September 2013, Diamond tore the suspensory ligament in her hind left leg. Based on examinations by two vets, Diamond was confined to the rear part of a stall (approximately 6 feet by 10 feet) for a minimum of 6-12 months to recover. The first 2 months she could only be taken out and walked about 10 feet at a time, 2 times a day. 
     Since she was confined to a small stall to recover, she quickly became bored. To help her with the boredom and to ensure she still had enough minerals to promote her healing, Diamond received EquiDisk which we tied to the gate of her stall. Diamond immediately began licking the disk and continues to use it several times a day. After 3 months in a stall, Diamond's progress is improving better than could be expected. She is walking normally, enjoying her minerals, and expected to make a full recovery. Her coat is again full and sleek, her eyes are bright and her attitude is MUCH improved. Much of that can be attributed to the benefits she experienced using EquiPride and the EquiDisk!

   I am a firm believer that this has helped both Diamond with her ligament  recovery and Abby who just had surgery! Thank you for your support!

Kelly Baker McCormick


Success Story: EquiPride/EquiLix

We love hearing from our customers!  Glenn has had great success over the years with the EquiPride/EquiLix products. 

Glenn works for the US Forest Service.  This is his mule pack string.  They have been on EquiLix tubs for years.  We think they look great, do you agree?


Horse: SweetPro's EquiPride Success Story!

Michelle Snook, located in Hurricane, Utah has had great success using SweetPro’s EquiPride with her horse!

“When I returned home from being out of town for a week, I found one of my three Mustangs had lost a significant amount of weight quickly. Normally a lively, playful and loving horse, she was now lethargic, dehydrated, skinny and very unresponsive to me.

The vet wasn't clear about the diagnosis and wanted to perform a battery of expensive tests. A friend recommended that we do what we could on our own to get her well before we resorted to spending a great deal of money.

We used EquiPride, that we found at the National Western Stock Show, made a mash with beet pulp, and added electrolytes to her water. To my delight, she began to eat and regained her energy within two days. It took her a few weeks to gain her weight back. She really liked the EquiPride mixture and I'm glad we had some on hand.”

Michelle Snook
Hurricane, UT



Horse: Testimonial SweetPro EquiPride Helps Hoof Quality and Overall Health


Brandi Turner, located in Commerce City, CO has had great success using SweetPro EquiPride with her horses! 

“I started feeding my horses SweetPro EquiPride in April 2013 on the recommendation of a friend. I did not realize all that this product would give to my horses, but they now have shiny coats for the first time in years. Their hooves have become in the excellent range according to my farrier, and she said to continue doing what I am for the animals, and that is feeding them SweetPro EquiPride. Their health and digestion has improved, my hard keeper is now at a good weight for winter. They all have very good attitudes and these conditions have occurred due to the use of this product.

I also started feeding my border collie SweetPro EquiPride. His coat is now soft and shiny, he has more energy and he seems happier.

All of my animals love this product, and they will continue to receive this product.”

~ Brandi Turner
Animals' Angels Inc.,,

Horse: Foster Foals Love EquiPride

We love hearing from our customers.  

Here's a great testimonial from a pair of foster foals who love SweetPro EquiPride! 

"Thank you for helping us. We arrived in our new foster home on December 18, 2013. We are doing well and checking out a new place, with a pack of dogs, chickens, and lots of love.

Everyday, we get more confident, that not all humans are mean. We even get excited now when we get our dinner, bowls filled with junior grains, SweetPro EquiPride and chopped carrots. At night, we go in our stalls and enjoy laying down on bedding and when the hay lady comes we come right up to her and eat.

Thank you for helping us get here and for your support. We enjoy this place, but we wonder, if our human enjoys us more, we think so!"

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a good New Year. ~The foster foals at Monika's